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This site is dedicated to fanfiction of Micah Rodney (aka Jason Tandro), particularly focusing on the Shinra Inc. And series.  To see more of his writing apart from fanfiction, click on "Other Stories" to be taken to his main site.  

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Season 6, Episode 10 - Shinra Inc. And Campaigns

The quest for a new CEO continues with Reeve acting as the intermediary while the other candidates squabble. Scarlet tries a unique tactic to win votes and Reeve finally lays down an ultimatum.

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Yeah haven't touched this site in more than a year, but to be fair this series has been winding down slowly but surely. This series should have probably just stayed dead the two other times I tried to end it in Seasons 4 and 5 but it just keeps ticking. They're just a lot of fun to write.  I can just unload whatever's on my mind at the moment.  Plus it's a series that's dear to me as it was one of my first claims to moderate fame but lately it's more like a chore.  I'm working on other projects now that have taken up a huge chunk of my time including a novelization of Final Fantasy VIII which I'm not putting up on FF.Net until the first book is done (because the three people who follow me regularly know that I have a bit of a problem with my novelizations: FF7 - finished, but terrible.  Lightning Returns - cancelled.  Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - actually pretty decent but on indefinite hiatus... for like 3 years now). 

Anyway, the update.  Webs is such a chore to update at times, though I'm super grateful for it giving me a platform for all these years.  So I will update this page one last time when the last two Shinra Inc And episodes come out from this season and hopefully leave it be.  I'm going to leave the series open-ended.  I've been thinking about rebooting it, or putting its general format into a new form of some kind.  I don't want to say "it's over" because the last two times I did I was proven wrong.  I also don't want to say that this site is definitely over because who knows.  The future is very uncertain.  Suffice to say if it goes dark, it goes dark and don't worry about it.  Ultimately whether or not this site helped in any way is yet to be seen.  But I think it's time for a new platform and a new branding of me as a person so we'll see what comes. 

If this is the end of this site, well to those of you who have been here, thank you.  For those of you who read all my work, thank you even more so.  This site will still continue to serve as the definitive source of Shinra Inc And content and allow you to easily find all the episodes in their release order, as well as some bonus episodes.  Thank you all for everything, regardless what ever else happens.   



Holiday update to the site.  Because I never sleep.  Mostly bug fixes and updating some outdated info. KupoCon in about a month so want this to be all pretty and stuff.   


Well the Summer Extravaganza is over and I got through everything I wanted to do.  Some original fiction, a new chapter of both the Oblivion and Lightning Returns novelization and, of course, the rebirth of Shinra Inc. And.  I'm working on writing a huge batch up all at once and staggering releases.  My goal is to have a release schedule to help fans of, particularly, my novelizations get some hype going as I resolve to finish these.  Will post more as I figure it all out.  (I know how that sounds since its been a month since i updated, but in my defense I've been too busy writing to update this site, lol.)  


For the first time since its creation, I have updated the template to this site.  I have also shifted the focus of this site to all my works of Fanfiction, not just Shinra Inc. And.  You can now click on Other Stories to return my main website.  I will be adding a section shortly to highlight some of my other choice Fanfictions.   


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