Shinra Inc. And



"Okay, why must there be flowers in my happy place?" 

Rufus Shinra is the President and CEO of Shinra Electric Power Company.  While he enjoys the benefits of being, basically, the ruler of the world, he hates the responsibilities, often dumping his workload on his subordinates (especially Reeve) or shirking it altogether.

Rufus isn't stupid, exactly, but highly impressionable, naive and lazy. Despite this he is a remarkably upbeat person... at least until work starts.




"Sir, with all due respect, are you out of your goddamn mind?" 

Reeve Tuesti is the Head of Urban Development, and was recently made Rufus Shinra's personal assistant.  He is a highly motivated, efficient employee who takes his job very seriously, often grudgingly accepting the fact that he must basically carry the company's workload on his own shoulders.

Because of his serious demeanor he can be short-tempered at times, but is ultimately a good guy. 


"You have to admit, after little Timmy got mutilated in the playground, kids took the whole education thing a lot more seriously. Remember my slogan? School: Go there or die horribly." 

Professor Hojo is a scientist and the Head of Research and Development.  He is a quirky individual who has an unfortunate fondness for inhumane experiments, dangerous chemicals, and most notably dangerous monsters.

As the smartest person in the company, he is often quick to point out the flaws in others, but considers himself nearly infallible.  


"Well we could double our security staff. It'd require a bigger budget, but…" 

General Heidegger is the Head of Security, which encompasses the Shinra Army, SOLDIER, and the SIA (including the Turks).  For a military man, he is surprisingly lax in his duty, often getting drunk on the job and encouraging wasteful spending.

He has a strange friendship with Palmer, which allegedly stems from their shared interest in alcohol. 


"Let's see what that idiot wants today." 

Scarlet is the head of weapons development. She is a cold, calculating woman at work, but in her time off she enjoys relaxing at her condo in Costa Del Sol.  Has a thing for younger guys, and considers herself something of a mentor to Elena.

Has allegedly slept with at least three members of the Shinra staff. 


"Heck no! The Church of Bob is well-respected. It has over twelve members worldwide." 

Palmer is the Head of the Space Program.  However, as the Space Program has fallen by the wayside, he survives by attaching his name to more successful projects and kills the time by involving himself in various self-improvement courses, and by joining local cults.


"See you in hell you snug bastards!" 

Tseng is the Director of the Turks.  While he is slightly eccentric, he takes his duties as a Turk very seriously, unless somebody like Heidegger or Rufus gives him an excuse not to.  Is currently involved with Elena.  


"I want an apology!" 

Reno is the Assistant Director of the Turks.  His loyalty tends to waiver as he'll only do what's best for himself. Takes nothing seriously.


"You hush!" 

Elena is the romantic, upbeat Turk.  She is serious about her job, because she tries to emulate Tseng, for whom she has undying affection.  Can be klutzy at times. 


"I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole, Sir." 

Rude is quiet, and usually in the background, rarely seen in the world of Shinra Inc. And.  However he follows Reno's philosophy, the two of them having a deep friendship. As the series grows he becomes more a pragmatic character, choosing his moments to interject his opinion very carefully.  


"Seriously how could you not notice me?  I mean, I know I kept a low profile but hello?"

Cissnei returned to the Shinra Inc. crew in Season 4, although as it turns out she had been there pretty much the entire time.  Her favorite pastimes include reading and making Reno's life a living hell, even though she does have a well hidden soft spot for him.